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The plasma television has many advantages and benefits for you and your entertainment needs and wants. The plasma tv gives you incredible picture quality, it has a sleek design, and it is HDTV compatible.
Plasmas provide sharper images and more vibrant colors. You can display both HDTV and DTV signals as well as computer signals such as XGA, SVGA, and VGA.
Plasmas Superior to Both CRT’s and LCD
Plasma screen televisions provide sharp, clear pictures, plus no image distortion. CRTs can’t match this. Plasma tvs have brighter pictures and provide a better viewing angle at 160 degrees, than LCDs. For the best technology in display panels, choose plasma technology.
High Resolution
Plasma display televisions have higher resolution than most standard TV sets. They are able to display full HDTV and DTV signals as well as XGA, SVGA, and VGA signals from a computer. If a plasma has a resolution of 1024×1024 it can display images from 1080i and 720i HDTV resolution, plus 480i and 480p HD signals.
Flat Screen
Plasma display televisions have screens that are completely flat. There is no distortion of the image even at the edges and corners. Plus to increase your viewing fun, the flat plasma screen tv provides an amazing 160-degree viewing area.
Ultra Thin Design Saves Space
Plasma televisions can hang on almost any wall. You can even hang them from your ceiling. Other advantages of plasma screen tvs are high ambient light tolerance, distortion free images, entirely digital techology, not affected by magnetism, and can be attached to a ceiling or wall, or used as a freestanding fixture.

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