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From the moment children are born their parents naturally worry about them. Are they hungry? Are they warm enough? Are they sick?
Soon parents face the surrounding dangers as toddlers start to crawl, walk and run. The hazards seem to be everywhere. As any parent knows, the concerns only become deeper seated as children get older. Safety is all a parent can think about – especially when their children are not with them.
Not surprisingly some parents are looking to technology to provide reassurance. Moving beyond the baby monitor and even the cellphone is a new monitoring method called GPS – Global Positioning System.
What Will GPS Tell Me?
GPS is a system of satellites originally devised for government security and surveillance. The technology allows you to pinpoint the location of an individual who is in possession of a watch or a cellphone that has been enabled for tracking and can be monitored through a PC or personal tracking device.
Tracking devices can be set to monitor a specified area or zone. When the child leaves the zone the device automatically starts tracking. It can also alert you when the child leaves the zone.
More sophisticated models of GPS tracking devices can also monitor information like heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature.
When Would I Use GPS for My Children?
Have you ever lost your child in a crowded fair ground, concert or even the mall? Your heart races with fear as you frantically search and fear that they have been hurt or kidnapped. Children are naturally curious and easily distracted – wouldn’t it ease any parents mind to immediately identify their location?
As children get older they may be unaccompanied by their parents when they walk home from school or go to the park with their friends. While every child needs to have some independence it can be extremely worrying to parents waiting for their return. A GPS tracking device can help you monitor your child’s movements and determine if they are safely coming home or have become diverted or stranded.
What is GPS Not Good For?
As with any technology GPS can give a false sense of security. While every measure taken to protect your child has its place, GPS cannot tell you everything, nor can it supervise the behavior of your children.
Young children require close supervision at all times. GPS is just another layer of protection you can provide. You may also feel your older children are protected when they travel alone or with friends when you use GPS but you cannot prevent your child from losing the device, encountering problems or jeopardizing their own safety without proper training and complete trust.
If you choose to use GPS tracking you will feel more secure about what you can’t control. Research the costs and benefits of each device before making your choice.

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