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One of the hottest PlayStation game to hit the shops is King Kong. Well, technically, the PlayStation game is not out yet because the creators are still in the midst of ironing out some creases but so far, a lot of people who have played the demo and beta versions already have raving reviews about it. And while the creators of the PlayStation game is still cleaning out the bugs in the PlayStation game, moviegoers are waiting with bated breath for the movie to come out.
It?s funny that in the ever-changing world of PlayStation, an old game like Tomb Raider is still popular among its fans. But this probably has something to do with the fact that there are constant updates to the Tomb Raider games and the intensity remains high even if you have played the PlayStation games a thousand times over. The latest version of Tomb Raider is the Tomb Raider Legend and living up to its reputation, Tomb Raider Legend is still all about lovely girls, muscular men, exotic landscape and location and challenging levels to get through.
The Warriors is another exciting game that has caught the attention of PlayStation fans. With the PlayStation game, you?re actually playing it before what actually happens in the movie itself. This 3 months lapse gives you enough time to get to know the characters better and see how the Warriors actually evolved into what they are in the movie. There?s a lot of investment in this PlayStation game because they even got some of the original actors from the movie to do the voices, which makes it all the more interesting and realistic.
Although the original God of War was very popular, the hybrid follow-up version of it is doing even better than the original one. It?s been said that the new version of God of War is even more realistic, following along the lines of Devil May Cry, Castlevania and Prince of Persia. The setting is Ancient Greece, this game has a very strong storyline and captivating characters to keep players totally engrossed for hours (maybe even days) on end.
With the success of Spyro, it makes sense for Insomniac Games (the creator) to come up with another similar game that is (hopefully) more successful and yes, they have one out called Ratchet & Clank. So far, after hitting the market, Ratchet & Clank creators have been rolling around in money because of the sales?PlayStation fans just love it!

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