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If you are looking for a new-to-market, innovative and useful product within your home, the Autobin is it! The Autobin is a revolutionary automatic opening bin. It has a built in infrared sensor on the lid, so when you place you hand near the lid of the bin, it opens, and shuts again after about 8 seconds, allowing you to drop your rubbish into the bin without the need to touch it at all. However, if you need more time, say if your peeling eggs or emptying leftovers into the bin, you can override the automatic feature by pressing the open or close button on the front panel.
If used in its automatic setting, the touchless Autobin is incredibly hygienic, and helps to prevent the spread of germs within the family household, hospitals, public toilets, offices, airports, care homes, or wherever you need a bin. Hospitals around China and Singapore are using the Autobin to help prevent the spread of the SARS virus and other superbugs.
The Autobin is also great for both elderly and disabled, and children just love the function of the Autobin. It encourages children to put their rubbish into the bin, and it injects a bit of fun into an otherwise boring chore for them.
The Stainless Steel Autobin ranges are very stylish and hygienic. They have a special coating inside the bin that prevents rusting, and they are very easy to clean inside and out. The Autobin runs on 4 x D batteries, which are usually supplied with the bin and can last between 6 and 12 months dependant on use. I have had my Autobin for over 12 months now and I haven?t replaced the batteries yet. I really would recommend the Autobin to anyone. You can buy the Autobin from http://www.fashion-electronics.co.uk with free delivery. The range includes 24 Litre, 32 Litre or 50 Litre bins, finished in either brushed satin stainless steel, or with a shiny mirror effect. I went for the 50 Litre Autobin, which looks fantastic in my kitchen.
The Autobin from http://fashion-electronics.co.uk

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