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It appears that Apple has done it again, folks! I?m sure you have all seen the television commercials, or heard the radio spots, or viewed the ads on your computer. The little company that could has done it again, with the introduction of the iPod Video. Does it really come as such a surprise, though?
It seems that Apple is a company that cannot fail. Sure, they had some difficult times in the past. With so many aggressive plays by Microsoft back in the day, it is unlikely that any tech company would have weathered them with ease. But Apple has always had something that all of Bill Gate?s money could never buy; a true connection with their users.
Since introducing the iPod a few years ago, Apple has seen steady and sustained growth that does not appear to be waning anytime soon. Especially, as they seem to update the iPod every few months now. Dammit, I just bought my iPod Mini a few months ago and they have discontinued it already! They didn?t simply discontinue it, though. They replaced it with the iPod Nano, which is smaller, slicker, and has a color screen. I wanted one as soon as I saw it, or at least until I saw the iPod Video.
Now Apple has introduced to much fanfare, the iPod Video! I was certain that the next iPod would have a video camera in it, but perhaps they are saving that for next month. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, didn?t seem too keen on the idea of a video iPod a few short years ago. Funny how things change, huh? They have also announced a partnership with Disney, in which they will provide customers with Disney?s feature films through the iTunes store. You can be sure that Pixar films are on the way, too.
The new iPod Video comes in 30 and 60 Gigabyte models with color screens. You can now store music, graphics, pictures, and video on your iPod. It also comes with a video output that will allow you to hook it up to your television or video projector. I can hardly believe all of the features that the iPod now has. I suspect that the inclusion of a video camera and a cell phone with give Apple complete market domination. They should be out in a couple months, or so one would think. The only thing missing after that would be a Star Trek-type teleporter! Remember, you heard it here first!


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