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Binoculars are actually two telescopes placed side by side
so a viewer can see through them with both eyes. Unlike
monoculars which is one small telescope and can only been
seen through using one eye. The advantages of using
binoculars over monoculars are:

1. Both eyes can see comfortably through both lenses
with having to squint one eye to see.

2. Binoculars provide three dimensional images that
have more depth. Two views are drawn together to make one
total picture and allow the viewer to see things at some
distances up close and personal.

3. Binoculars are just more comfortable to look through
and hold steady because both hands are usually used.

Binoculars come in the convenient hand-held sizes which
make them very easy to take with you wherever you go.
However, binoculars can also come in very large sizes but
those are usually used by more professional viewers and
need to be steadied by being placed on a tripod for support.

Most binoculars are used to view objects at very far
distances and have to be focused for the viewer to see
things clearly. Focus adjustments on each set of binoculars
are different, some binocular lenses can be focused
independently while others can be focused at the same time
by turning a little wheel in between the telescopes. Many
viewers using prescription glasses do not need them to see
through most telescopes and can see more comfortably by
taking off their glasses.

Numbers are used to describe the telescopic strength of the
binoculars. The first number gives the power of the
magnification and the second number tells the diameter of
the objective lens in millimeters which measures its light
gathering strength. For instance, a pair of binoculars that
reads 7×50 can magnify things seven times stronger than
they actually are with a 50mm objective lens.

Viewers can use a pair of binoculars for bird watching,
star gazing, observing far off animals, spotting ships at
sea, watching a concert, or enjoying a sports game from a
“nosebleed seat.” They can be used while hiking, camping,
boating and hunting. One fascinating use of binoculars is
looking at the night sky. They enable the user to spot far
more stars, comets, galaxies, and nebulae far better than
with the naked eye. For example, galactic clouds and star
clusters look dim when viewed by the naked eye, but with
binoculars they are much clearer. Unlike the inverted view
a telescope provides, binoculars show the world right-side
up, just as a person would see things normally.
Furthermore, binoculars with a wide field of view allow a
user to observe a wide area, making it easier to observe
star clusters, comets, and galactic clouds. Binoculars are
easy to operate and allow viewers to concentrate fully on
looking up into the sky.


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