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For anyone who depends on batteries for business, hobbies, or livelihood, having a quality battery charger is as important as having a quality battery. Battery testers can now tell you what condition your battery is in and save a battery when it is dying. Certain battery testers for performance grade batteries can cause the battery to deteriorate long before its life should be up. But now there is a better battery tester on the market called the BatteryMINDer, and it is referred to as the charger with a brain.
?Sulphation? is the condition that occurs with certain battery charger types that can run a battery dead long before its time. Due to overcharging, the battery begins to form crystals within the acid which creates a build up. The build up becomes so bad that the battery can no longer hold a charge properly. Many batteries that have fallen to ?sulphation? are worthless after two years, for a battery that should last up to five.
Combating “Sulphation”: The BatteryMINDer is one of the only battery chargers that does not cause “sulphation” in batteries. The BatteryMINDer never overcharges a battery, which can lead to crystallized build up. The BatteryMINDer can even bring back batteries that were thought to be dead to functional condition. The difference with the BatteryMINDer is that it can be left connected to several batteries for weeks to months at a time, without causing build up.
Advantages of BatteryMINDer: The BatteryMINDer is a great choice for many reasons. The BatteryMINDer can charge and maintain up to four batteries at once. The price is nice to starting at around $60 for the equipment. It will make batteries last their full life. The BatteryMINDer can also bring batteries back from the brink of “sulphation” by conditioning the battery in a process that removes build up from the charging plates. It is also the only battery charger with patent pending technology and comes with a battery tester.
If you?re going to make the investment in a battery charger, choose one that has the technology that surpasses all the others. Choosing the BatteryMINDer will save more money in the long run by making batteries last longer and charge better. No more are the days of replacing batteries after just a year.


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