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The Nikon D50 is a surprisingly affordable, top-notch entry level digital camera. Some of its attributes include a 6 mega pixel APS-format sensor, 2.5 frames-per-second burst mode, vibrant color representation, and excellent noise performance. The Nikon D50?s price tag is attainable for most amateur photographers. MSRP is $899.95, but with a little bit of internet research, users can find prices around $700 or lower.
The Nikon D50 enters into the ever competitive digital SLR realm, but can hold its own. It supplies a 2-inch, 130,000 pixel LCD and a strong auto focus system. The D50 is smaller than its sister model, the D70 and has a very deep feature set and a mass of manual controls that will help any first time digital SLR user develop their knowledge and fine tune their skills. It?s light weight makes it comfortable to hold and all buttons and dials are labeled clearly, and logically. A quick review of its instructions will enable even the most apprehensive user, a full-fledge photographer.
The Nikon D50 is also an extremely fast camera. It has a fast shutter speed with a range from 30 to 1/4,000 seconds, allowing full creative control. It has rapid flash sync shutter speeds up to 1/500 seconds, which gives its user the ability for great fill-effects under brighter light and difficult back-lighted conditions. The Nikon D50 also powers up immediately and responds almost instantly to a touch of the shutter button. This feature makes it easy for capturing models on the move and quick changing scenery.
Its tech specs include a Dynamic buffer (temporary data storage bank) and a super fast LSI processor which allows the camera to take at minimum ten full-resolution JPEG shots in a single burst at 2.5 fps. The USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) interface allows for speedy data transfer. It also contains a seven automated Digital Vari-Program selections, including a new “Child” mode for the ability to capture unforgettable photos of children with ease. Its 3D Color Matrix Metering II ensures accurate exposure control and white balance.
The spirit of this camera is its ease of use and outstanding end product. There is no better value for an entry level camera in today?s market ? yet. So click away, knowing you?ve scored value and performance, all in one.
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