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Do you have a great idea for a new product or a unique “twist” or an existing product? Have you ever found yourself thinking, ?I wish someone would come up with a ________.? What if that person were you? Ordinary people, with great ideas to make life a bit easier, are usually the ones who come up with ideas for inventions that we now have in our lives.
(Editor’s Note: Remember Ron Popeil? He created “Ronco” the company that used TV commercials to sell everything from slicing-dicing machines to “bald spot camoflage”… that “crazy” idea may make some real money!)
The thought of developing your idea in to a solid plan and getting your brainstorm to market may be overwhelming to you. But there are some things that will make that process easier.
Making sure others like your idea is the first thing you need to do. You may thing you have a great idea, but when you present it to others, they don?t agree. So keep your development costs low on the front end and when you show your idea to people you may even want them to sign a non-disclosure agreement to guard proprietary information.
Creating a prototype is another thing that is high on the list of things you first need to do. You might have to put some money into creating the prototype, especially if your idea is complex and you need the help of professionals to get it built.
When seeking opinions, family and friends are the place to start. Ask them if they think your idea is a good one. If you don?t get strong, positive feedback, you should be prepared to let go of the idea.
(Editor’s Note: Remember to add your standard margin of error for family input… sometimes families are overly supportive OR super critical. If you’d normally take family input with a “grain of salt”, don’t stop now!)
Research is the next thing on the list, once you have found an idea that gets a good response. You should arrange to meet with manufacturers to talk about pricing, and perform due diligence to make sure you don?t have heavy competition.
The next thing is to apply for patent protection and meet with potential marketing representatives and possible distributors.
Recording everything, accurately and concisely, is a must. You have to protect yourself by maintaining detailed records, while keeping things relatively secret. People have ideas stolen, all the time, because the inventor?s world is a ruthless one.
You should also research national and international trade shows, where you can display your new invention and meet prospective buyers. If you find out that you can sell your invention as an idea, to a prospective buyer, you should go forward with your plans, on your own.
Bringing an invention to market takes hard work, perseverance, and drive. Don?t be discouraged if your first idea doesn?t click. Inventions have provided us with the lifestyle we have today, and will be the future of our lifestyles, tomorrow.
I found myself thinking, ?I wish someone would come up with an easier way to deal with pine trees and cleaning up those annoying pinecones!? I saw potential and a need for a tool that picked up those irritating pinecones.
I had just had my 5th surgery within 2 years and with 10 acres, pine trees were everywhere. I would go out and bend over and pick up those nasty cones with my hands, walk back in the house only to see hundreds drop AGAIN! I remember the day I could take it no more ? It was September 25, 2002 and I had picked up cones for the 3rd time that day. I went in the house and sat down and looked out the window, I just started crying. I love the trees but really hurt when I pick up the cones. I decided that I had enough! I knew beyond a doubt that the idea in the corner of our garage must become more than just an idea!
I invented the CONEIVORE so I would never again have to bend over to pick up pine cones.
CONE-I-VORE? is the pinecone problem solver. Using your hands is difficult, it takes too long and it?s hard on your back. Plus pinecone barbs can poke your fingers and cause infections. But this convenient, lightweight – yet durable – lawn tool makes yard work feel like anything but work. It?s easy and it?s fun.
Thoughts to leave you with:
“A person is no greater than his or her dreams, ideals, hopes and plans. A person dreams the dream and dreams of fulfilling it. It’s the dream that makes the person.”
“Today is the tomorrow you were optimistic about yesterday. Question: What are you doing today to make tomorrow as rewarding as you hoped today would be?”
“Most people who fail in their dreams fail not from lack of ability, but from lack of commitment.”
“Successful people tell others where to get on, not where to get off.”
“John Maxwell says that in a lifetime the average person directly or indirectly influences 10,000 other people. Those who are in leadership positions influence many, many more. That’s the reason leadership carries such an incredible responsibility–namely, that of making certain you’re heading in the right direction, that the decisions you make are character-based and the route you choose is a good one. When you make a decision, that decision is going to directly or indirectly influence countless other people. Right decisions by the right people can influence people positively, so make good decisions.”


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