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The third generation of mobile networks, with video calling, web browsing and multimedia downloads of up to seven times faster than standard 2G networks.
A specification for short-range wireless connectivity that allows users to make wire-free connections (via radio link) between a wide range of communications devices.
Phones that can switch between two different bands of frequencies. Most phones in the UK are now dual-band, capable of switching between GSM1800 and GSM900 frequencies. Useful for travellers allowing roaming on a greater number of networks across the world.
General Packet Radio Service. Data communications upgrade for GSM networks, enabling a maximum data rate of up to 115kbps.
Global System for Mobile Communications. A digital cellular communications standard used throughout Europe, and elsewhere around the world.
Service plans with no-contract and no line rental where you buy credit ?vouchers? in advance for calls. Each network has its own pre-pay service.
Your Personal Unblocking Key is an eight-digit number used to unblock your phone if you enter your PIN number incorrectly three times.
The ability to use your phone abroad, this varies according to your service provider and their agreements with overseas networks.
Service Plan
A contract selected by subscribers when they purchase a pay monthly mobile phone, it usually consists of a base rate for network access and a per-minute rate for any calls made.
The Subscriber Identity Module is the smart card used in digital phones containing the user?s identity for accessing the network and receiving calls. It can also store personal information, such as a phone directory and received SMS messages.
Short Message Service allowing messages of up to 160 characters to be sent between phones on any network.
Wireless Application Protocol. An agreed standard which enables compatible mobile phones to access Internet-type services such as news, travel, entertainment, finance and sport.
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