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How many times have you been left standing in the dark desperately trying to find something in your purse? Well, if Rosanna Kilfedder has her way, those dark times are coming to an end.
A student of Brunel University, Rosanna has developed an illuminating idea. She has designed a solar powered handbag, with a lining that lights up, so women will have a simpler time finding things in their purse in the dark. Mobile phones, PDA?s, and other wireless devices can also be recharged from the handbag?s battery.
The handbag, called Sun Trap, uses a solar cell to transfer the energy collected from the sun?s rays to an internal battery. The zipper on the bag acts as a switch to activate the illuminated lining. The lining is made from an electroluminescent material similar to that found in mobile phones. The bag goes dark when the zipper is closed, or when it has been left open for more than 15 seconds.
Rosanna is quoted as saying, “I had the idea for Sun Trap after seeing so many of my friends frantically searching their bags for house keys, usually on a dark door step. I also noticed friends using their mobile phones like torches to examine the contents of their bags, which gave me the idea of lighting up the bag.”
The “Brunel Enterprise Centre”, which helps students and academics develop their ideas commercially, is now giving Rosanna assistance in applying for patents. They have also supplied her with a mentor, who is advising her on the best approach to bringing her invention to market.
Rosanna has already won an award for her design, and is working hard to get this brilliant product into the marketplace. Her handbag was designed with both usefulness and safety in mind. The idea of including a charger for mobile phones is a wonderful addition to an enlightening idea! How many times have you been out and had to make a phone call, only to find that you have forgotten to recharge your phone? Well done, Rosanna. We look forward to seeing it on the high street!
For more information on this excellent invention, please visit Rosanna?s website at www.rosannakilfedder.com.


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