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It’s not being a parent these days. It seems like we never stop worrying about our children, from the moment they step forth into the world, to their teenage angst driven years, and beyond. Some things never change. Except science and technology. With GPS tracking devices it is now possible to keep tabs on your children without constantly worrying if everything is alright.
Is GPS The Missing Link to Effective Parenting?
No. GPS is a tool like most technologies which are designed to give you peace of mind. Things that certain global positioning systems devices can indicate include that of where a person is, and even trigger an alarm whenever that person crosses certain safety zones. More advanced models can provide more information such as the blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature of the person wearing this communications device (usually in the form of a watch, cell phone, or PDA-like device).
Some Practical Situations
Imagine going shopping, or attending a parade, or even visiting a foreign country with your children. A GPS tracking device would save you lots of headaches down the road and provide a better sense of knowing where your children are. This applies even when your child grows older and you’d like to have a somewhat of a better sense of knowing they are not in harms way by immediately knowing their location.
One important thing to reinforce is this, GPS, like a swimming paddle, is a precautionary tool, and not a replacement for your own vigilance in watching over your children. Please do not allow anyone or anything take the place of the sacred bond you hold between you and your child. You must be in control of the tools, don’t let them be in control of you.


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