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If you have ever been frustrated by too many commercials on the radio or losing a station?s signal as you drive out of range, then a portable Sirius satellite radio may be just what you need. When you have a Sirius satellite radio receiver you can listen to whatever you want wherever you go.
A portable Sirius satellite receiver allows you to select from over 125 channels of music, news, sports and special programming ? all commercial-free. There is a Sirius satellite receiver to meet the needs of everyone, whether you want one for your home, your office, your car, your boat, or your RV. By far the easiest and quickest to install is a Sirius Plug and Play portable satellite radio, such as:
?Starmate? A compact satellite receiver with 30 channel presets, a wireless remote control, a complete car kit, and optional home kit
?Starmate Replay ST2 ? All of the features of the Starmate satellite radio in an ultra-compact design, plus the ability to pause, rewind and replay up to 44 minutes of content; also has an alert function to let you know when a favorite artist or song is playing on another channel
?Sirius Sportster ? A specially designed satellite receiver for the sports enthusiast, with alerts and notifications when your favorite team is playing on Sirius; listen to play by play of games plus the latest scores; optional car kit, portable home kit, and boombox
?Sportster Replay ? all of the features of the Sirius Sportster, plus the ability to pause, rewind and replay up to 44 minutes of content; car kit is included.
What is Satellite Radio?
Satellite radio is the latest advance in technology that lets you listen to your favorite radio station no matter where you go. This is possible thanks to a system of satellites that delivers the signals, rather than traditional land-based transmitters that are limited by geography and power levels. The ease of delivery and large number of available channels means providers such as Sirius can program each channel very specifically to suit listeners? tastes.
What are the Advantages of Sirius Satellite Receivers?
There are many advantages to portable satellite radios, such as:
?Over 125 channels to choose from
?No lost or fading signals when driving long distance
?No commercials
?Specific, special interest programming
?Exclusive specials and programming
?Crystal clear signals
?Wide variety of satellite radio receivers to choose from
What are the Disadvantages of Satellite Radios?
As with anything, there are some disadvantages to portable satellite receivers, such as:
?The need to purchase a special satellite radio receiver
?Some installation required
?Monthly subscription fee
Why Choose a Portable Sirius Satellite Receiver?
Sirius satellite radio offers listeners an amazing array of channels and choices, including music, news, talk, and special interest programming. Sirius is home to exclusive programs and features, including celebrity hosts, live concerts and listener call-in shows. Sirius subscribers can listen online as well, just by logging into Sirius.com, and Sprint PCS customers can listen to a selection of channels on their Vision Multimedia phone.

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