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The fastest-growing satellite TV service provider in the country, Dish Network has quickly become the leader in the industry. With more than 12 million customers, it offers the widest range of digital satellite programming at the most affordable price.
Dish Network delivers more than 250 channels, including 100 local networks, 30 sizzling sports channels, and 110 of the best foreign language channels. Special packages are available for fans of Pay Per View, movies or music programming. Family packages are also available, providing great entertainment for parents and kids, including the Hallmark Channel and the Lifetime network. And with Dish Network’s parental control locking system, it’s easy for parents to monitor what their children watch.
Dish Network is pioneering high definition TV, offering up to 1700 hours of the best high definition shows available. Viewers can get high definition movies, sports – even weather. Recent additions to the high definition menu include 10 VOOM networks. Dish Network is also the leader in Interactive TV (ITV), with 25 innovative channels, all virtual and enhanced. Interactive TV is like nothing you’ve ever seen before: you can bet on sporting events, shop or play games, all in the comfort of your own home with Dish Network and ITV. Sirius satellite radio is also available to subscribers. Sirius brings you CD-quality music, 24-hours a day, commercial free. With great talk show options, a wide variety of music styles, and celebrity dee jays like Lance Armstrong, Sirius is the best in radio.
If customer service and technical support are important to you, look no further than Dish Network. They know questions arise all too frequently in the world of satellite television, and they’re ready with help and answers, 24 hours a day. In fact, customer service is so important to Dish Network that the company has been repeatedly recognized for the quality of care they give to subscribers. For the past five years, they have been ranked number one in customer service by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, beating out other cable and satellite TV providers, including DirecTV. J.D. Power and Associates has also consistently ranked them at number one for customer satisfaction.
Great deals for first-time subscribers to Dish Network are taking place right now. This is an ideal time for cable subscribers to make the switch to satellite television. Be sure and take advantage of online promotions – they’re more affordable than other deals because they’re cheaper to market. DishPronto is the leading Dish Network dealer online. They have great promotions for first-time subscribers, with free digital video recorders (DVRs), free high definition (HD) receivers, and free installation of free equipment – up to four rooms – included in the package. Many online offers are for a limited time only, so click here to find out more.


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