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As with all technology, there are always common myths and misconceptions that prevent many people from experiencing that, which would drastically improve their lives. This is true with Dish Network’s digital high definition satellite television services.
Many people think that even though there may be 4 different receivers in 4 different rooms, everyone has to watch the same programming. This is not true. Dish Network offers 4 free receivers, one each for 4 different rooms, to enable different viewing interests.
The weather – it consistently affects the quality of programming. As a general rule, this is false; however, if there is heavy and consistent storming, there may be brief interruptions of reception. This is rare and is considered less of a problem to satellite subscribers.
Satellite reception is available only for individual homes. This is another myth as reception if signaling is excellent in apartment complexes as long as the dish is installed facing a southern sky. Many people have them located on their balconies or outside walls. Always remember, though, if you don’t own the apartment or home, be sure to check with the landlord before installation.
High-speed Internet service is only available through cable companies. This is not true. Dish Network offers high-speed Internet service via satellite. Location is not a problem as signals are transmitted through space from Dish Network’s satellites. You will not experience down time from server problems because of weather or maintenance.
Rumor has it that cable companies tell prospective subscribers that their pricing is cheaper than that of satellite programming. This is not true. Comparisons reveal that satellite prices are within the same range and sometimes lower than cable providers with much more value per dollar. The increased availability of diverse programming in selections and the quality of imaging and sound make the difference giving you more for less money. Click on Dish Network now for a complete listing of programming and pricing information.
Cable providers would also have customers believe that customers must purchase all equipment to receive satellite services. Again, this is not true. Dish Network offers all equipment and installation free of charge, and even gifts new subscribers with a Dish Network Digital Video Recorder – further enhancing viewing pleasure. All free with no requirement for long-term commitments. The only item you are charged for is the programming you desire.
A lot of people think that because of the advanced technology utilized in Dish Network’s digital high definition satellite services; there would naturally be expensive equipment repairs at some point in time. While the nature of the expense of equipment repairs may be true, be assured that when you subscribe with Dish Network for an 18-month plan, you receive Dish Home Protection Plan free (regularly $5.99 per month). This is more or less an equipment insurance provided by Dish Network to save subscribers money in repairs and replacements of equipment.
It is hoped that this information will dispel any misunderstands you may have head and enable you to make a positive decision to switch from cable television services to Dish Network digital high definition satellite television services.

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