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As of December 2005 Dish Network exceeded the 12 million-customer mark, living up to its reputation as the fastest growing digital satellite television provider in the country. The company has attracted more than 6.7 million subscribers since 2001 – that’s more new customers than any other satellite or cable company in the past five years. In January 2005, it reached the 11 million-customer mark, meaning that, in the past year alone, Dish Network added more than a million subscribers.
Dish Network’s parent company, EchoStar, is in the NASDAQ 100 and is a Fortune 500 company. The company has been extremely innovative over the years, introducing cutting edge equipment well ahead of other TV service providers. They were the first to introduce satellite receivers with built-in digital video recorder (DVR) capabilities, and the first to have a DVR that makes it possible for subscribers to record and view two different shows at the same time. Dish Network has also pioneered high definition technology, offering the widest range of high definition programming (HD) available. They were the first to introduce a high definition DVR. They now offer more than 1700 hours of HD programming a week, with HD options in movies, sports, news and weather.
Thanks to its rapid growth and innovative spirit, Dish Network is now the third largest TV subscription service in the U. S. Offering hundreds of channels, the company is constantly adding new networks and more programming. In 2005 alone, they added the NFL Network, College Sports Television, ESPNU, Fox Reality TV and ten HD VOOM channels. With a new interactive feature called Dish Home, viewers can watch six networks on a single screen. Dish Network now offer more than 100 international channels that cover a range of 25 different languages. Sirius satellite radio, another recent addition, offers the best in 24-hour commercial-free radio, with programming in an incredible range of musical styles, as well as the best in talk shows and comedy. Martha Stewart and Lance Armstrong are both on Sirius.
Switch to Dish Network and see what you’re missing: the best digital satellite TV, with the clearest images and sharpest sound around. You’ll get the best customer support, available 24 hours a day. Dish Network has been consistently recognized for its customer care, winning number-one rankings from both J.D. Power and Associates and the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Year after year, they’ve beaten all other subscription TV services in the country. If you’re thinking of making the switch from cable to satellite, there are lots of great offers and packages are available now. Click here for more information. First-time Dish Network subscribers get free installation, free equipment for up to four rooms, and free receivers and DVRs.

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