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One of the greatest memories that many people have of home is the smell of a hot apple pie baking in the oven. The apple parer was a wonderful invention that created a short cut to peeling and paring apples. The apple parer quickly became a cook’s best friend in the kitchen.
The apple parer has been around for over two centuries. It is reported that a Moses Coates is the original American inventor of this handy creation. Moses Coates received his patent in 1803. The apple parer became one of the main kitchen staples in the home. The apple parer was used by clamping the parer down to a hard, flat surface, usually the end of a table. The apple was then inserted, and clamped down as well. A hand-held crank was attached on the side, which was used to aid in the peeling of the apple.
The apple would become quickly peeled, creating much less time spent in the kitchen. Many women loved this item, as apples could be used more often and more easily in family loved recipes.
Since the original creation of the apple parer, the parer itself has truly evolved. Today there are still cast iron apple parers that remain. It is not uncommon for people to shy away from the old cast iron apple parers as they can be seen as cumbersome. It is usually people that are seeking a vintage look in their kitchens and homes that purchase the vintage apple parers. Many families are fortunate enough to have the apple parer passed down to them from previous generations. Vintage apple parers can be found at flea markets, online stores, and through antique dealers. An “apple a day” can now be made easier, thanks to the apple parer.


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