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Choosing a cell phone plan can be exciting or confusing. The reason is so many options are available and each one is claimed to be the best option. There may be several options available to you but the best option should be one that fits your lifestyle and needs.
There are two major ways to choose a cell phone plan : By considering prepaid or post paid plans, and frequency and area of coverage.
A prepaid service may be suitable for someone who does not use the phone everyday or regularly as the credit ca be extended over a long period of time. Why pay a fixed amount each month for a service you may be using once a while?
A prepaid service will not require rigorous background checks like credit checks. So if you have a poor credit rating, this is your obvious choice as credit approval is a requirement for connection to this service.
If you are uncertain about future income, prepaid is ideal as there are no monthly service charges to be honored.
Additionally, prepaid does not involve bills and a highly mobile person will find the post paid and its resultant bills uncomfortable as he keeps moving away from his permanent address.
If you are allergic to paperwork and contracts, stick to post paid as post paid demands contact, documents and a lot of administrative work.
Prepaid is also ideal for people who need to conceal their identity as there is no way you can be identified with a prepaid service.
One great disadvantage of prepaid is that a lot of features are not available to you.
With regards to coverage and frequency of use factors, where you intend to use the phone and how often you use the phone will determine which service to go for.
If you travel a lot, then you will have to go for one that allows you to roam whilst still maintaining your cell number. If the company does not cover your area of business, then it may not be worth going forth.
Again some carriers charge according to the geographical area you would be making the call from so it is prudent to subscribe to the service that will cover your area..
On the other hand, if you will remain home for most of the time, then you may have to choose a local service plan as a wider geographical area will cost you more unnecessarily.
You may need to ask yourself ?Am I going to use the phone for emergencies, occasionally or for business?? A business phone needs a service that is cheap and highly flexible so you can be able to run your business with great ease and least cost.
If you would need the phone for only three hours a month for example, then you may not have to go for an expensive monthly plan which has to be paid for each month irrespective of the usage.
Lastly, do you want a digital or analog service? If you a simple caller with no sophiscated needs, you may need a simple analog service but if you an advanced user you may have to go for a more expensive digital service.
Your phone plan is a reflection of your needs and profile. Moderate users should choose the least expensive option to save money and advanced users should opt for enhanced features which come at a greater cost but essentially serve their needs.

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