Title: IT Support: Where Do Larger Small and Medium Sized Businesses Get It?

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IT Support in businesses larger than those in the Sweet Spot are provided by IT managers or small IT departments. Plan on becoming deeply niched to provide these size businesses IT support.

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Big small businesses get their IT support, from an internal IT person, or a small IT department. Remember, a big/small business typically has 50 to 100 PCs doing anywhere from 5 million to 20 million dollars in U.S. annual revenue.

IT Support Sources for Big/Small Businesses

That’s also where you start to see a full-fledged IT manager or director providing IT support. You might even see a small IT department.

In a lot of cases, you may see slightly bigger versions of the same types of people that show up in sweet spots and small businesses. But you will find fewer soloists and more small firms. You?ll also start to find more deeply niched specialists,

How To Be Successful in Big/Small Businesses

If you want to be successful in big/small businesses and larger, you can?t be the generalist. You need to pick a few things and get really, really deep into them.

The Profile of Medium Sized Businesses

If you get into medium sized businesses with more than 100 PCs, doing more than 20 million dollars in U.S. annual revenue, you?re going to see more IT departments. You’re going to have even bigger versions of those same IT sources you saw with the sweet spot businesses.

Where Medium Sized Businesses Get Their IT Support

You’ll also see even deeper specialists, and, and in those cases, both the big/small businesses and medium sized businesses, and the range in which you can go opens up quite a bit more, because they are paying for a deeply niched specialty.

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