Title: IT Specialist: Why Narrow It Down?

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IT specialists need to narrow down their market and find a niche. Targeted marketing to a specific niche group is most beneficial to IT specialists.

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If you’re trying to grow your business, why would you turn away potential clients? In this article, you’ll learn that as an IT specialist, your marketing efforts are less about turning away other clients and instead about finding if you have enough prospects to market to.

If you know that your best clients are small accounting offices, do a quick search to find out how many small accounting offices there are in one hour radius of where you’re located. If you don’t know where to easily get your hands on that data, either contact one of that industry’s leading trade groups, or talk with a mailing list broker.

IT Specialists Can Market to a Niche

Marketing to a niche is so much easier, too. You will know exactly which trade publications to advertise in. Don’t spend a lot of your time and money putting generic ads into the newspaper, radio or the phone book. You are an IT specialist, so concentrate your marketing efforts directly into your niche.

Once you develop expertise, as an IT specialist, all of a sudden you’re worth even more to those potential clients. Your marketing message will resonate with the person that’s picking up the phone, that’s looking at your long copy sales letter, that’s looking at your postcard, or that you want to get to attend one of your seminars.

Don’t Try To Speak to the Masses

Don’t try to come up with a message that resonates with everyone. If you do, you’re going to end up competing on price. You’re going to end up being a commodity just as if prospects opened up the phone directory and they called 30 companies looking for the dirt-cheap, lowest price.

Put Your Name Where Your Clients Will See It

If there’s a newsletter or a magazine that these prospects all read from the local association, think about putting a targeted ad in there, or writing an article, or becoming active in that organization by volunteering or speaking at that group’s events. In each of these instances, be sure to at least mention how your company provides great IT solutions for that particular niche or industry.

The Bottom Line on Being an IT Specialist

There are many different ways to penetrate the circle, but the key thing is to identify something that you enjoy doing and that’s lucrative enough that it’s worth trying to get more clients just like that. This simple targeted marketing strategy works for IT specialists across most different industries. Finding a niche is really important. Otherwise, you’re going to look just like everyone else.

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