Title: IT Service Contracts: Qualifying Clients

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IT Service Contracts are going to be ideal for some clients. Don’t waste your time on prospects that aren’t interested in IT Service Contracts.

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Some clients are simply not the right type for IT service contracts. In this article, you’ll learn how to determine if they are interested in these agreements.

Prepare to Screen Your Candidates

When you are preparing for the sales call, be sure that you ask enough questions to figure out whether they?re a good candidate for IT service contracts. If you don?t think that they have the mindset of wanting to work with someone for the long-term, if you don?t think they have the mindset of looking for that trust and that relationship, then they will not be good candidates for IT service contracts

IT Service Contracts Sell Peace of Mind

You?re basically selling them an insurance policy. 85 percent of the time when you?re going in there, it?s not for emergencies. It?s for upgrades; it?s for maintenance; it?s for taking care of keeping the virus protection up to date; it?s for getting a new laptop up on the LAN; it?s for making an Outlook talk with their PDA. The 15 or 20 percent of the time when there?s an emergency, though, they really want to know that you?re going to be there.

You need to make sure that the people that you?re talking to for prospects and going out and courting future clients buy into that whole idea, that they need an insurance policy; they need the peace of mind; they need to know that when it hits the fan that they?re going to have someone that they can scream for and that you?re going to be there to take care of their problems; that they can trust you.

Don’t Waste Your Time on Poor Candidates

If you?re really looking to dramatically revamp your business and move in the direction of IT service contracts, think long and hard about whether you?d even want to go out on a sales call for someone that you don?t think would be receptive to this arrangement.

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