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IT audits should be the focus of sales calls with prospects. Anything longer than 30 minutes should be billable IT audits.

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IT audits are really where you?re going with the sales call to a new prospect. Unless they have an emergency that needs urgent attention and they?re really specific about it, you need to ?push? IT audits. That will get the ball rolling with IT services.

Now, if they say, ?We think our tape drive hasn?t been running in six months and we?re terrified that we?re one blue screen or a server crash away from losing everything.? In that case, you have something to go on and should start there.

In most cases, though, selling half-day technology assessments or IT audits makes the most sense. There are a couple different ways to approach it.

Quick Should Be Free

You could do a real stripped-down free version where you go in for a half hour and provide them with a basic list. Keep in mind, however, that spending more than a half hour, where you?re starting to actually look at hubs, at switches, at how the Cat 5 stuff is laid out, where you?re looking at some sample configurations, opening up some control panels, unlocking server consoles, is beyond the scope of a free assessment.

Charge for Longer Assessments

That definitely should be billable and that should definitely be in the context of IT audits or tech assessments and not be given away for free. Come up with a set rate for IT audits of this type.

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