Title: IT Audits: Your Existing Customers

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IT audits are good for businesses who have several PCs and may not have all the licenses, protection, etc. that they need. Create a special offer to entice current customers to agree to IT audits.

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Look among your existing customers to determine who are good candidates for IT audits. You can do this based on the number of PCs they have. Generally, businesses that have more than five systems are really good possibilities for IT audits.

You will be checking around for UPSs and data line protection, real surge protectors, the right number of antivirus software licenses, good, active, valid subscription for the licenses to keep their antivirus and firewall up to date. You’ll also want to determine whether everything is updated, what they?re doing with routers, firewalls, network adjust translations, and other items that keep them protected.

Your Customers May Need Some Motivation

To generate demand for IT Audits:

o Talk to your customers when they?re in the store
o Do an outbound telemarketing campaign
o Include a flyer with your invoices.
o Do a solo mailing, either a letter or a postcard or a brochure

Jump on the current events. If there are viruses, power outages, etc., in the news, piggyback on those to get your message across. Create a sense of urgency in the offer of IT audits.

Make your IT audits at least have the perception of being discounted and put some kind of deadline on it. If you say it?s regularly $350, but now through a certain date it is discounted to $199 and due to demand, is limited to only the first 25 customers.

The Bottom Line about IT Audits

The urgency and the scarcity in terms of marketing will make a world of difference.

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