Title: IT Audits: What are Your Clients Looking For?

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IT audits generate discussion about what problems your clients have and how you can solve them. In this article, you’ll learn what questions clients will have during IT audits.

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When you conduct IT audits, you will want to see what you can solve for your clients. You will want to see what problems they have and what you can do about them. In this article, you’ll learn the kinds of questions that they will want answered during IT audits

Questions Lead to the Needs Analysis

What are potential new clients looking for? This hasn?t changed in a long time. During IT audits, they?re going to ask you what they should buy. “What?s the best product and platform for us?” “What?s the best value?” All of these questions can be answered with a simple needs analysis with your IT audit. You go in and assess their situation, spending a couple of hours looking at what they have.

What will work together? Anyone can just go down to the store and buy a shopping cart full of stuff, but to make it work together – plug and play versus plug and pray. Integration and customization are huge needs, along with project management. Being able to coordinate things is enormous.

Other Services Your Clients May Want

Training, both formal and informal, is something your customers may want. This includes both end user training and administrator training.

Handling routine and scheduled upgrades.

Coordinating with outside vendors for an industry specific package installation

Network installation and maintenance

Customers Want One-Stop Shopping

The big picture here is that they?re looking for a single point of contact. They want to trust the technology advisor the same way they have a trusted accounting advisor or a legal advisor, or a managing consulting firm or marketing consultant. IT audits can help you both determine what your customers need your role to be.

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