Title: How To Find Cheap Laptops For Cash-Strapped College Students

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Cheap or inexpensive laptops for college students can be found if you know where to look. Here are a few suggestions on how to find a top quality student laptop at a bargain price…

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Finding a cheap laptop for college is an easy task. Laptop prices have fallen steadily over the last couple of years as marketplace competition heats up and production costs come down. You can now get a laptop for under $400.

But you must proceed with caution – as that old expression on ancient maps stated: Here There Be Monsters!

For you just don’t want any old cheap laptop; you want a high quality machine that will offer good performance and won’t go kapoots half way through the semester. You want a laptop that can accomplish all those student assignments and easily handle all those MP3 and movie downloads. In other words, the laptop you buy must be able to get the job done.

You want a quality laptop that’s relatively small and lightweight; yet sturdy and shock proof. You will need a laptop with a good comfortable keyboard for typing up all those assignments. You may have to purchase a tablet notebook if you need a laptop for a lot of note-taking in class.

If you’re buying a used or refurbished laptop you should have it checked out by a Laptop Technician or if this is not practical, bring along a friend who knows computers or laptops – there’s a computer geek in every crowd.

Finding a top quality laptop at a bargain price may take some work on your part so here are some suggestions to make your job easier:

* Try Your Friends and Neighbors

First, check around with your friends, neighbors and colleagues – many may have good quality laptops to sell or even give you! Why? Many people constantly upgrade to the latest laptop technology – Intel and AMD have just introduced laptops with Duo or Dual Core processors and many laptop enthusiasts are dishing their old perfectly good laptops for the newer faster sexier models. (Why does that sound so familiar!)

So check around, you may be able to purchase a good second hand laptop for next to nothing. Or in exchange for work (lawn mowing, yard work…) or services (baby sitting, shopping…) offered over the summer.

* Try Ebay

Perhaps, the cheapest high quality laptops can be found on eBay. But again, you must check out carefully both the product and the seller. Make sure you do your homework and thoroughly check out the laptops before you buy. Make sure you don’t end up with a useless monster!

* Try A Refurbished Laptop

You can save a bundle by buying a refurbished laptop directly from the major Laptop Manufacturers. These laptops offer very good quality at much cheaper prices. So check around for a refurbished laptop.

* Try Online Bargain Stores Such as Buy.com

You may want to check out the many bargain online stores or super sites such as BestBuy.com, TigerDirect.com, Buy.com and the countless others. These stores may also offer refurbished laptops, but keep your eyes open for those monsters.

* Try Amazon

Don’t forget Amazon, they now sell new and used laptops at some very competitive prices. If you have any rich uncles or aunts (relatives) tell them you have an Amazon Wishlist – place a wish for a good laptop at the top. Hey, don’t laugh – it happens!

* Try Coupons And Rebates

Recently, Dell, HP and a few other laptop makers have come out with $400 laptops after rebates or coupons. These are usually level entry laptops but may be perfectly fine for students.

* Don’t Forget To Haggle

If you’re buying a laptop from a favorite vendor or store – always ask for a discount or bargain. Many times haggling will get you a better price or some nice upgrades with a few extras thrown in. No harm in trying.

* And Keep Those Eyes Open

Purchasing a good quality cheap student laptop can be done if you try some of the places listed above. If you’re on a very strict budget, most college students are, you can save a lot money by shopping around and using the advice given here. Just keep in mind, as you open your purse or wallet to buy that bargain student laptop, keep your eyes peeled for any monsters that may be lurking around.

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