Title: Handheld Devices: Tips on Making the Right Purchasing Decision

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Handheld devices require some careful thought before purchasing. Look for ones that can synch easily to your clients computer systems before purchasing handheld devices.

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To help you and your clients get started on the right track with handheld devices, here are some simple tips to help you find your clients? the right PDA to avoid frustrating tech support headaches.

Purchase Handheld Devices Wisely

Be very cautious when considering brand-new, unproven handheld device models. Major design and software bugs are usually fixed in the first three to six months following the initial release. Unless you and your clients are prepared for the risks and demands of being an early adopter, let “someone” else endure these all-too-common headaches.

Get software, peripherals and accessories bundled with your handheld device purchase. This shopping approach will not only save you money and installation time, but you?ll also dramatically reduce the compatibility risks.

Know What You Are Getting Into

Pay attention to vendor support offerings for handheld devices. Technical support and warrantees are not created equal! This is almost a mantra of personal technology adoption: who you buy something from is often as important (or even more important) than what you buy.

Make sure the handheld device is compatible with the desired operating system. If your clients? offices are wedded to a particular version of Microsoft Windows or another OS, be sure your PDA can sync up its data with their desktop or notebook PCs.

The Bottom Line about Handheld Devices

Lastly, insist on a PDA that is “well connected”. USB interfaces tend to be the easiest to configure and troubleshoot, while providing the best performance. Avoid older, legacy serial interfaces whenever possible.

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