Title: Computer Consulting: Prospective Client Red Flags

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Computer consulting prospective clients should come with red flags to alert you to difficult customers. In this article, learn the warning signs for customers you want to avoid with computer consulting.

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Is there a pattern to watch out for with computer consulting prospects that might act as a red flag or early warning detection system? Yes there is – and you?ll get better at spotting them as you go along.

It?s more of an art than a science, but if it looks like the Dilbert cartoon, it probably is going to work out that way.

Do Your Potential Computer Consulting Clients Respect Your Time?

If you walk in and you have a one o?clock appointment and they make you sit around in the waiting room for 15 or 20 minutes, unless there?s a real bona fide emergency, your wait time probably won’t decrease once you actually have them as a computer consulting client.

You?re going to show up on time and have to wait. You’ll be running up your non-productive time, because they?re disorganized.

Are They Pleasant?

If they?re late, if they?re particularly obnoxious or abusive or nasty or if you find out that the owners or the managers don?t have any respect for their employees, these are subtle clues.

If you get an early warning sign on your first meeting, don’t immediately walk out the door. Take it all in, put it in your notes. These are the kinds of things to think about, whether you really want these computer consulting clients or not.

It’s a Two Way Street

It?s really a two-way interview process. You should be interviewing them as much as they?re interviewing you, to see if it’s a match for computer consulting. They need to have a clear idea of where their business is going, what they think they want to use IT for, and what their experience has been in the past with other technology providers.

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