Title: Computer Consulting: How Do You Find Sweet Spot Clients?

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Computer Consulting is performed for sweet spot clients. Professionals who can’t afford to rely on volunteers or friends for their computer support rely on experts in computer consulting

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Where do you find clients that are going to spend $1,000 to $2,000 a month on IT computer consulting services on an outsourced basis?

You need to evaluate each client.
Are they big enough to need a real server, a real firewall a real backup solution and offsite or online backup?
Do they need to emphasize security, power protection, virus protection?
Do they need a real professional for their IT needs? network support and LAN-WAN support?

Your ideal customers can?t rely just on volunteers, someone?s nephew, a college buddy, or a moonlighter. They can?t rely on just a moonlighter anymore. As the company starts to get larger, a lot more PCs and a lot more revenue are at stake if systems go down. A lot more productivity is on the line. They can?t afford to mess around. That’s where you, the computer consulting professional, will come in.

Computer Consulting: Who Can Pay for Your Services?

That?s where you start to find the small businesses that are going to have that kind of budget to consistently spend at least $1,000 or $2,000 per month on IT support. What does that equate to? You?re probably going to be on-site a couple half days a month, you?re going to get phone calls for emergency support, and you?re going to be doing remote support. You?re basically going to become their outsourced IT solution, getting calls for anything and everything under the sun.

Computer Consulting: What a Sweet Spot Client Looks Like

They?re not going to need that kind of support or be able to afford that kind of end-to-end first-class support from you if they just have a peer-to-peer network. They need to be large enough for down time to be really expensive and painful. That’s when they’re ready for a computer consulting professional.

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