Title: Computer Consulting: Finding Your Prospects Among Your Leads

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Computer consulting clients share some common characteristics. In this article, you’ll learn some good and bad signs to look for when evaluating your prospects for your business of computer consulting.

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Some signs are important to look for when looking for your sweet spot computer consulting clients. Most of these businesses will be doing at least a seven-figure annual sales volume with 10 to 25 employees. In this article, you’ll learn how to use additional criteria to pick out your sweet spot computer consulting clients.

Computer Consulting: The Good Signs and the Bad

Some industries tend to be more IT-intensive than others. Soon, you’ll learn the industries that are most likely to need your computer consulting services. There are some good signs and bad signs when it comes to the probability of a business hiring you. You will learn to recognize right off the bat whether a business is going to be receptive to spending $1,000 to $2,000 for computer consulting services.

A really good sign is if you go in to meet with a prospective client and you find out that they?re working with another solution provider in your local community but they?re dissatisfied. Why is that a good thing for you? If they?re dissatisfied and looking around for someone else, that tells you that they?re willing to pay for professional computer consulting services.

A bad sign is they?re working with a moonlighter or they have a friend or a family member who helps out once in a while or they?re getting volunteer support, and they?re not used to paying for high-level professional services. That’s a big red flag. Any price you quote them is going to seem really high when they’re accustomed to getting service for free.

Sweet Spot Clients Run in Packs

Your sweet spot clients that are willing to spend $1,000 to $2,000 per month on IT services are going to have relationships with other trusted business advisors in the local community like accountants, attorneys, and management consultants. Sometimes they?re even working with other niched tech providers. This will work to your advantage when they start referring you to their contacts.

The Bottom Line about Computer Consulting

By learning to recognize the characteristics of a sweet spot client, you’ll save yourself lots of time and energy and more easily turn your prospects into clients. In this article, you?ve learned more about computer consulting.

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