Title: Computer Consulting: Find Paying Clients during Start-Up

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Computer consulting businesses need to find paying clients immediately. Find those clients who need services you are comfortable in providing for your business of computer consulting.

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Even if you are just starting out your computer consulting practice with rather basic desktop support level technical skills, make sure that your computer consulting firm gets some paying clients who are at your current technical skills comfort level. In this article, you’ll learn which types of clients to pursue first.

Start out by working with home offices and very small stand-alone businesses and companies with really, really small peer-to-peer simple networks. At least you’re getting some paying clients and some reference accounts.

Make The One-Shot Deals a Stepping Stone

Recognize however, that you need to move beyond that. You want to be able to have a successful small business computer consulting practice that’s built on recurring revenue retainer agreements and sophisticated kinds of dedicated server solutions. When you’re first getting started with your computer consulting business, there’s certainly no reason why you can’t take on some of these smaller, one-shot deal accounts. Just recognize that you need to be moving towards more sophisticated, more profitable, long-term client accounts.

Continue Learning

If you feel that your lack of technical training is holding you back from clients that need more sophisticated solutions, put aside some time each week for training (even if its just two or three hours). Go through tutorials and resource kits. And install your not-for-resale (NFR) software. Then, break the installation and troubleshoot the setup process. Then, reinstall the applications until you get more and more comfortable with setup and troubleshooting.

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